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Law Offices of Barry Sooalo ------------------------- Attorney at Law

Asbestos Litigation
Paralegal Duties for Individual Practiced Areas
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Asbestos Litigation
Contract Administration
Domestic Relations/Family Law
Employee Benefits
Intellectual Property
Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice/Product Liability
Probate and Estate Administration
Public Benefits
Real Property
Securities/Municipal Bonds
Workers' Compensation

Asbestos Litigation

General Case Work

* Review complaint and determine whether state court case can be removed to federal court based on diversity or federal question. Draft necessary motion and pleadings for removal.

* Prepare necessary release forms to obtain medical records, employment records, military records, and Social Security records. Arrange signing of forms through plaintiffs' counsel and obtain certified copies of all records.

* Organize, review, and summarize plaintiffs' responses to discovery requests along with all documents received from outside sources. Note exposure/diagnosis dates.

* Prepare analysis and/or charts evidencing product exposure. Alert attorneys to any statute of limitations defenses or other defenses.

* Schedule independent medical examination, if necessary, and act as liaison between medical expert and trial team to ensure that all information, documentation, x-rays and pathology materials relating to plaintiffs are properly organized and distributed.

* Supervise nurse/consultant on various projects.

* Prepare summary of factual information for attorneys use to evaluate settlement value of case or to prepare for depositions and/or trial.

* When appropriate, prepare deposition notices or affidavits in lieu of scheduling depositions.

* Arrange for expedited trial and "perpetuated" deposition testimony for dying plaintiffs.

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