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Law Offices of Barry Sooalo ------------------------- Attorney at Law

Paralegal Duties for Individual Practiced Areas
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Asbestos Litigation
Contract Administration
Domestic Relations/Family Law
Employee Benefits
Intellectual Property
Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice/Product Liability
Probate and Estate Administration
Public Benefits
Real Property
Securities/Municipal Bonds
Workers' Compensation


Performed for Debtor

* Interview client to obtain background information for filing petition, schedules, and statement of financial affairs.

* Provide client list of documents needed, such as tax returns, certificate of title, life insurance, leases, and liabilities.

* Obtain debt information and draft list of debts.

* Obtain asset information and prepare list of assets.

* Order asset appraisals.

* Draft press release about commencement of case.

* Prepare mass mailing of notice of commencement of case to all creditors.

* Draft petitions, schedules and statement of financial affairs.

* Assist in preparing of disclosure statement and plan of reorganization.

* Draft debtor's monthly operating reports in Chapter 11 cases.

* Assist in preference action litigation.

* Conduct research and prepare witnesses and information for various evidentiary hearings in Chapter 11 cases.

Performed for Creditor

* Review debtor schedules and statement of affairs. Obtain all necessary data from client to draft proofs of claim.

* Draft notice of appearance and motion for admission pro hac vice for attorneys not admitted to the bar in the state of the court proceeding.

* Draft motions for avoidance of liens and reaffirmation agreements; arrange for execution of same.

* Draft motion for examination pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 2004.

* Draft complaints as Code allows.

Performed for Debtor and Creditor

* Conduct Uniform Commercial (UCC) searches and real property searches to determine status of liens on property and/or equipment.

* Arrange for appraisals of real and personal property.

* Verify that all filings with court are in proper form and order.

* Familiarize client with general procedures for bankruptcy court hearings, meetings, and motions.

* Meet with client for execution of documents.

* Handle routine calls and correspondence to and from creditors, creditors' committee chairperson, attorneys, trustee, debtors, and client.

* Attend court hearings with attorney and client to facilitate flow of documents and information.

* Draft complaints and motions for relief from stay with supporting affidavits in adversary proceedings.

* Draft attorney's fee applications and compile supporting documentation.

* Attend Section 341 meeting(s).

* Attend plan confirmation hearing.

* Maintain log to track discharge and status of bankruptcy.

* Draft judgment searches for appropriate offices.

* Draft request for information as to real estate owned by debtor; analyze and summarize documentation and information received; prepare lien priority exhibits for use in trial.

* Maintain service list for distribution of pleadings, motions, notices, and orders.

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