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Law Offices of Barry Sooalo ------------------------- Attorney at Law

Paralegal Duties for Individual Practiced Areas
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Asbestos Litigation
Contract Administration
Domestic Relations/Family Law
Employee Benefits
Intellectual Property
Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice/Product Liability
Probate and Estate Administration
Public Benefits
Real Property
Securities/Municipal Bonds
Workers' Compensation


* Review request for action by client.

* Order or perform title search.

* Inspect property and, if necessary, make arrangements for boarding up vacated premises.

* Order appraisal.

* Order tenant/debtor search if necessary.

* Draft foreclosure report and/or memorandum to client.

* Review foreclosure report with respect to priority of lienholders, whether any assignments are to be made, and determine parties to be served.

* Draft foreclosure complaint.

* Draft and record notice of Lis Pendens to warn all persons that title is in litigation.

* Draft motions and orders for default.

* Check for federal tax liens 30 days prior to sale.

* Check for unpaid real and personal property taxes. Confirm any penalty and interest calculations.

* Draft decree of foreclosure.

* Record all proofs of service, affidavits of mailing, and notices of publication prior to sale.

* If appropriate, draft and serve notice of nonjudicial sale on IRS.

* Draft trustees' notice of sale and arrange for publication.

* Draft bid sheet for sale.

* Draft deed in lieu of foreclosure and estoppel affidavits.

* Draft and serve trustees' notice of sale on grantor's subsequent lien creditor.

* Pursuant to local authority, appear at time and place set for sale to bid on behalf of client or postpone sale.

* Draft post-sale documents, including motion for writ of assistance and order approving sale.

* Draft trustees' deed or sheriff's deed after sale.

* Draft notice of maritime lien.

* Draft complaint, satisfaction, and decree for foreclosure of maritime lien.

* Draft correspondence to occupants giving notice to vacate.

* Draft complaint in forcible detainer action to remove occupants.

* Take possession, satisfy, and transmit promissory note and original deed of trust to trustees.

Note - Some of the information contained in the Litigation and Real Estate sections of this publication also includes work performed in the Foreclosure specialty area.

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