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Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice/Product Liability
Paralegal Duties for Individual Practiced Areas
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Asbestos Litigation
Contract Administration
Domestic Relations/Family Law
Employee Benefits
Intellectual Property
Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice/Product Liability
Probate and Estate Administration
Public Benefits
Real Property
Securities/Municipal Bonds
Workers' Compensation

Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice/Product Liability

# Maintain file including documents involving contact with insurance carrier(s), client, health care provider(s), employer(s) and state/local agencies.

# Obtain, review, organize, and analyze medical records. If appropriate, compile medical notebook for each individual involved in action.

# Conduct computerized medical, scientific, and technical literature research. Analyze materials and prepare synopsis.

# Obtain and compile records relating to product history and information about similar products, including research and development, manufacture, patent/copyright filings, instructions for use, distribution, sales, and advertising documents.

# Attend site, product, accident, or vehicle inspection.

# As necessary and appropriate, interview doctors, nurses, and hospital personnel involved in patient care.

# Obtain, review, and organize damage information; calculate damages (medical expenses, lost wages, household expenses, consortium claims, property damages); prepare, maintain, and update damage summaries.

# Prepare settlement proposals, including assembling information on the history of plaintiff and the nature and effect of injuries and damages.

# Develop information and acquire records for wrongful death, i.e., supporting evidence regarding sibling and/or child/parent economic claims.

# Obtain factual information about products, companies, and individuals from various resources, including government agencies.

# As necessary and appropriate, arrange medical examinations for client or opposing parties.

# Communicate with experts and provide copies of all relevant documentation regarding accident, product information, and/or medical care, including all summaries of same.

# Answer client questions, keep client updated on progress of case.

# Liaison with insurance adjusters, provide necessary information/documentation to adjusters.

# Interview experts - develop questions to ask experts. (Many times government experts will not volunteer information but will answer direct questions posed to them, so the paralegal needs to know what questions to ask.)

# Write demand letters.

# Prepare settlement statements.

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