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Talofa! Welcome to Our Home on the Web - The Sooalo's
Our Family
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Our family...

Mom Solomuli on her trip to Upolu

<-Our beloved Mom, Solomuli Pao Faasuamalie, captured with her luggage at the airport at Upolu. Below: Luise and Tiare

Luise and her beautiful neice Tiare Danby

Sami, Pasesa carrying Tiare, and Karen

<-Photo with kids, Pasesa carrying Tiare, and Karen in Washington D.C. at Barry and Manu's.
Below: Photo with Pasesa and son Maurice in Washington state

Maurice, Sami, Pasesa


Pictured below is mom at her graduation in American Samoa, way back in the good old days.



Family History

Grandchildren below
from top to bottom:

* Baby Oriana Danby
* Robert Sooalo
* Dean Sooalo

baby Oriana