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Dr. Faleniu Asaua-Puni

First and only gold medallist winner for Samoa for preventative medicine from the Fiji School of Medicine taking home the other two prizes of the Lawson Cup for best all round student of the year and the head student?s prize

Dr Faleniu Asaua-Puni made history in Otago University Medical School in New Zealand when he became the first PACIFIC ISLAND PERSON to specialise in clinical Pathology (this is the toughest specialised field in medicine). He completed the 5 years post graduate specialist within 4 years.

Dr Faleniu Asaua-Puni was the first PACIFIC ISLAND doctor to be offered employment by New Zealand (Auckland Hospital) as a senior clinic pathologist with the same standard salary of a New Zealand doctor.

Dr Faleniu Asaua-Puni held the post of the Consultant Pathologist for Samoa and also worked for American Samoa as their clinical pathologist. He died peacefully on the 2nd April 2006 at Motootua Hospital.

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Partner & Managing Director of first private Hospital in the Pacific Islands - MEDCEN Hospital, located in Apia, Samoa.

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