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Prominent Samoans Worldwide Directory

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# So'oalo Enterprises, Honolulu, Hawaii

Owner/operator - Asia Pacific Variety Store - general Asian and Polynesian retail store

Located at: 1270 North King St. Suite B Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

Ph: 1-800 (808) 842-0743 Fax: (808) 843-1163

# Jack "Tihati" Thompson, Honolulu, Hawaii

Owner/operator - "Tihati Productions" - Hawaii's largest and most-successful Polynesian entertainment company

# Tanielu Sataraka, Honolulu, Hawaii

Owner/publisher - Samoa International Magazine - Samoa's first international news magazine, with worldwide circulation.

# Tuli, Honolulu, Hawaii

Owner/operator - Tuli's Market - first Samoan to successfully own/operate a "Samoan store" in Honolulu. Tuli paved the way for other Samoan store owners in Honolulu.

# President T. David Hannemann

First Polynesian (Samoan) to serve as the President of the Hawaii Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints located in Laie, Oahu, Hawaii. He has also been a very successful business man both in California, where he owned his own catering company and ran the Wax Museum in Anaheim, and in Hawaii where he has served as a Sr. Vice-President for the Polynesian Cultural Center over protocol. He was awarded BYUH's most prestigious recognition reserved for those who have dedicated their lives to their communities in 1995.

Danny Leaosavaii
Music Executive/Entrepreneur, New Zealand

The current domination of New Zealand's music scene by artists and groups of Pacific Island descent can be attributed to one visionary Samoan. Danny Leaosavaii (aka Brotha D)is described as the "Godfather" of New Zealand hip-hop; the one who broke down the barriers for Pacific Island entertainers to hit the mainstream. With Andy Murnane he started a business empire, Dawn Raid Entertainment in 1999. From humble beginnings they went from selling T-shirts to starting their own record label. Their empire now includes a clothing store, graphic design consultancy, hair dressers and several unique New Zealand clothing labels. Leaosavaii has some of the country's top artists in his stable including Adeaze, Scribe, Aaradhna, Savage and the Deceptikonz, who've had success locally and in Australia. - Pacific Magazine

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