Single: $50.00
P,O. Box 336
Double: $60.00
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Triple: $65,00
Tel: (684) 699-9124

HERB & SIA'S MOTEL (9 Rooms)
Single: $40.00 Private Bathrm
P.O. Box 430
Single: $35.00 Shared Bathrm
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Double: $45,00 Private Bathtrm
Tel: (664) 633-5413
Double: $40.00 Shared Batbrm

P.O. Box 996
Pago Pago
American Samoa 96799
Tel: (684) 633-4241
Fax: (684) 633-5959

Harbor Wing
Single or Double
$ 60.00

Harbor Wing
Family Suites/Single or Double

Beach Front Standard
Single or Double
$ 72.00

Beach Front Deluxe
Single or Double
$ 85.00

Beach VIP Samoan High Ceiling
Single or Double
$ 90.00

Beach VIP Suites
Single or Double

Fale/Bungalow Standard
Single or Double
$ 85.00

VIP Fale/Bungalow
Single or Double
$ 90.00

Executive Suite/Fale
Single or Double

$60.00 Deluxe: $85.00
VIP Fale: $90.00
Suite: $120.00
Superior: $72.00
Executive Fale: $150.00
Resular Fale: $80.00

Extra person for above accommodation $15 each Deposit Policy: A 50% deposit; 30 days prior to arrival and final deposit before arrival.

P.O. Box 1554
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Single: $50.00
Tel: (684) 633-7777/4776
Double: $60.00

P,O, Box 5572
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Single: $35.00
Ph: (684) 699-5113
Fax: (684) 633-9111
Double: $40.00

TA'U MOTEL (9 Rooms)
Ta'u Menu'a, Page Pago
American Samoa 96799
Single: $30.00
Tel: (684) 677-3155/677-3504/699-9885
Double: $40,00

DON & ILAISA, Olosega (6 Rooms)
P.O. Box 932
Pago Pago American Samoa 96799
Single: $20,00
Tel: (684) 633-2304/(684) 655-1212
Double: $35.00

C/O Vili Malae, Ofu, Manu'a
Pago Pago American Samoa 96799
Single: $35.00
Tel: (684) 699-9628/(684) 655-1120
Double: $40.00

P.O. Box 1858
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Single: $25.00
Tel: (684) 633-5841/(684) 677-3501
Double: $30.00


scenic stops recommended are: Blunts Point (visible from the Rainmaker Hotel) was a gun emplacement during World War II, Breaker's Point, Fagasa Pass (Fagasa), Afono Pass (Afono), Vaitogi Village (home of the shark and turtle legend), Le'ala (Vailoati), Poloa Pass (Poloa), Massacre Bay (Aasu Village), Fagelele Boys School (Fagalele), and Atauloma Girls School (Afac).


Hawaiian Air, Samoa Air, and Polynesian Airlines provide regular services to American Samoa. Hawaiian Air connects American Samoa with the United States via Honolulu. Polynesian links American Samoa with Australia, New Zealand and Fiji via Apia Western Samoa. Samoa Air also provides inter-island service and connections with Kingdom of Tonga and many regular daily flights to Western Samoa.

Calender of Events/Festivals:

April 17, Flag Day celebrations; 1st Week in May, Tourism Week and Miss American Samoa Beauty Pageant; 2nd Sunday in October, White Sunday is 'Children's Day', Late October early November, The Swarm of the Palolo; 3rd week in December, 'Christmas Week in Samoa'. Moso'oi week festival and arts Fia Pla for month of October.

Camping: Arrangement can be made with village Chiefs.

Climate: American Samoa has a tropical climate, with temperatures hovering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit

Tutuila receives about 125 inches of rain per year; the heaviest rainfall occurs during December to March.

Currency/Banking: United States currency is legal tender in American Samoa. Banks provide full international banking services with correspondent banks in the U.S. and the Pacific region.

Customs/Duty Free: A duty free shopping port. Departure to U.S.A., I gallon liquor, 2 cartons tobacco.

Departure Tax: No departure tax.

Dress: Light and casual.

Electricity: 110-120 volts, 60 cycles AC.

Emergency Services: Police. Fire, Hospital, call 911

Entertainment and Nightlife: Fiafia and a nightlife that progresses

Entry Requirements: Bona-fide visitors may enter for a exceeding 30 clays privided the visa, passport and all onward air or sea ticket

Entry Requirements:

Bona-fide visitors may enter for a period not exceeding 30 days provided the visitor holds a valid passport and all onward air or sea ticket.

Geographical Location: Approximately 2310 miles SSW of Honolulu.

History: Linguistic and cultural evidence suggests that the first Samoan inhabitants migrated from the West possibly by way of Indonesia, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga to the eastern tip of TutuJla near the village of Tula.

Language: English is the second language of a majority of the population. Most of the younger generation speak English, although Samoan is used in the home. Outside of formal settings the local Samoan language still prevails.

Samoan Culture: Fa'a Samoa is often heard in American Samoa. It means the Samoan way. Fa'a Samoa has kept Samoans strongly nationalistic and cautious about changes which might threaten the traditional structure of their way of life. However, Fa'a Samoa has inherent flexibility which has allowed its people to withstand and absorb the ways of foreign traders, missionaries, and military forces; it is a dynamic cultural force.

Time Zone: American Samoa is 3 hours behind U.S. Pacific Standard Time.

Tipping: Tipping is not customary and is discouraged.

Transport: Buses, rental cars and taxis

ACCOMMODATION ANALYSIS & TARIFF: 184 large, air-conditioned rooms in main building, plus several comfortable beach fales, attractively furnished in island decor.

FEATURES AND AMENITIES: Large convention facilities, large swimming pool, dining, cocktail bar. All rooms fully air-conditioned. Room service available. Tours to outer island arranged. Color television for rental. Telephones each room.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Located in a beautifully picturesque setting on Pago Pago Bay in shadow of Rainmaker Mountain. The Fia Fia Coffee Shop is next to the pool, offering snacks and complete meals all day. The Terrace dining room offers a varied menu to accompany the lovely ocean view. Spectacular Polynesian floorshow Friday nights. Adjacent to the Terrace, relax in the famous Sadie Thompson Lounge, where you may enjoy your favourite beverage.

Swim in the well-filtered pool or in our private beach on the way.., or perhaps just bask in the sun. Try snorkelling and scuba diving in the warm, clear waters - here is some of the best sportfishing in the world. Hike along jungle trails to remote and beautiful unspoiled villages. Convenient connections by air to Pago Pago.

The Act of Congress which establishes the National Park of American Samoa is special in a number of ways.

First, mindful of its responsibility to ensure the continuance of the traditional communal land system in American Samoa, Congress carefully crafted its legislation directing the National Park Service to manage park lands by means of long-term lease agreements with each of the villages with lands in the park. There is to be no taking of lands by the government for national park purposes. In no other national park has Congress taken this unusual step.

Second, the park is comprised primarily of a largely undisturbed and uninhabited native climax rainforest of a type found nowhere else throughout the national park system. This rainforest provides habitat for at least 35 bird species, most of which are native resident breeders, and two species of native flying foxes. These large, soaring fruit bats are important pollinators of rainforest plants, another special feature of the National Park of American Samoa.

The park is in three units of widely separated islands, altogether comprising nearly 9000 acres, a thousand of which are offshore waters out to the outer edge of coral reefs. The park has some of the most scenic island shoreline on earth; long, white sand beaches, and sea cliffs, sheltered covers, and islets covered with lush green vegetation extending all the way to the ocean's edge.

Activities in Manu'a Islands are many and include watersports - snorkelling, scuba diving. Traditional village customs may be observed and visitors are encouraged to participate. A restaurant has opened at Ofu Airport and accommodation is listed on page 4 in the Fact File.

Recreational Activities:

DIVING: Scuba diving and snorkelling with diving experts, all equipment provided, night dives and reef dives. Contact DIVE SAMOA P.O. Box 3927, Page Page, American Samoa 96799. Phone (684) 6332183.

GAME FISHING: For those once-in-a-lifetime big and special catching moments. Come to where the action is, join tls in our major Billfish and Shore Casting 'Ibnrnaments. Contact AMERICAN SAMOA GAME FISHING ASSOCIATION. P.O. Box 191, Page Page, American Samoa. 96799. Phone (684) 6334598.

GOLF: The Lava Lava Golf Course offers club rentals, fully furnished Pro shop, Rent-a-carts, 18 holes, Club House restaurant. Open 7 days a week. Home of the American Samoa, International Pro-Am open.

TENNIS: The American Samoa Tennis Association is very active and has popularised tennis among youngsters through free clinics. Regional ASTA now sponsors an Annual Junior Championship Tournament.

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