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  • Kim's Karate: My karate class!
  • The Tele Tubbies: Tele Tubbies Site(unofficial)
  • Airfoils: Make your own!
  • Kite Workshop: Make your own kites!!! Save money!
  • National Geographic for Kids: Learn and have fun at same time!
  • Sesame Street: See Bert & Ernie
  • Origamis: How to make origamis!


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  • Moooo... Dean and Bob - Talofa and Welcome!
    Talofa everyone! Welcome to our page! We hope you enjoy the photos and links on this page. If you have any links you would like to see listed, please send an email with the link information included.
    Enjoy, Dean & Robert S.

    Hi! This is a picture of me and my brother Robert in front of the U.S. Captitol, Washington, D.C., summer 1998.

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