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Samoan Culture

Talofa Lava! Ulufale maia i le tatou Fale Tali Malo!
Alala maia, se'i palu le Ava, (the Ava ceremony is in progress), known by many as, KAVA.
This traditional ceremony is to welcome any visitor or neighboring village matais.
O le Ava e feiloa'i ai malo taua. Here is a sample lyrics from a traditional Ava song and dance.
ava/kava bowl
Le Ava ose taleni taua i le aganu'u, pe a alu ose usu, o le matai ma lana iu'u ae a te'a le inati, le aumaga ia fa'a nati nati, a o le taupou i le tanoa aua ne'i sasi le palu Ava ia popoto ai uma o tama'ita'i...

"You lie on a mat in a cool Samoan hut and look out on the white sand under the high palms and a gentle sea, the black line of reef a mile out with moonlight over everything. And then amongst it all are the loveliest people in the world, moving and dancing like gods and goddesses. It is sheer beauty, so pure it is difficult to breathe it in." written by: Robert Louis Stevenson


About Amerika Samoa

Motto: Samoa muamua le Atua




About Samoa

Motto: Fa'avae i le Atua Samoa

We Are Samoa *in Samoan* Uso Samoa
Uso Samoa
Fananau mai le La
Uso Samoa
Manumanu i le upega
A'o mau in nu'u ese
Le loto ALOFA
Samoa mo OE
Samoa mo le ATUA

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Samoans demonstrate their pride in their culture through the Siva, the Samoan dance. Combine the Siva with rhythmic chants and pulsing island harmony, called pese malie, and a beautiful story is about to unfold. Every Samoan knows it and can spontaneously launch into a smiling, singing rendition at any time.




The first American flag was flown over Tutuila on April 17, 1900. Samoans celebrate with a special ceremony. The Flag Day is the biggest holiday in American Samoa. Every year there is at least one day, and some times two or three days, spent honoring the political relationship with the United States and the first raising of the American flag. They raise the flags of the United States, American Samoa, and the Independent state of Samoa. April 17th of the year 2000, the new millennium, will mark the 100th anniversary of American Samoa joining in political union with the United States.

Hello from Aunty Lusila Alefosio and Mother So'oalo
phtographed by Crystal So'oalo, while preparing for the Samoan Festivals at Ke'ehi Lagoon, Hawaii
Hawaii's American Samoa Flag Day Celebration 1997
Mom Lusia Mao and Aunty Lusila Alefosio enjoy satisfying our Samoans and their guests with the finest Samoan/Poly foods
including: Samoan style plate lunches with fa'alifu Talo or Fa'i...Palusami, Fa'ausi Talo, Piasua, Pai Fale, Pai Popo, Pagi Popo, Papa, Lu'au Pu'a, etc...
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SAMOAN BEAUTY - Samoan children Fa'ase'e at the Vai Tafe Beautiful waterfall photos were borrowed from Samoa - Heart of Polynesia site. Special thanks to all Samoan sites on the WWW. They have brought more insights about our pride in our culture and fa'a Samoa, the Samoan way. This wonderful spirit is shared by all Samoans. Politically, there are two Samoas, culturally, there is only One.

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