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Domestic Relations/Family Law
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Domestic Relations/Family Law
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Domestic Relations/Family Law

* Collect background information on client, including marriage certificates, sources of support, residence, employment, income, assets, liabilities, and number of children.

* Participate in discussion of other options to divorce, including counseling, separation, reconciliation, and mediation.

* Complete domestic relations questionnaire based on information obtained from client.

* Assist client in preparing monthly income and expense sheet.

* Determine spousal support requirements and calculate child support.

* Analyze retirement benefits and determine how those benefits can be divided.

* Investigate and trace non-marital claims of the client.

* Draft petition for dissolution or complaint for divorce; draft response to same.

* Draft discovery requests for information relating to assets, liabilities, and income.

* Serve notice of hearing dates, discovery requests, and filing deadlines on opposing counsel or, if respondent is not represented by counsel, arrange for service of notice on respondent.

* As necessary and appropriate, draft application for temporary relief, temporary restraining orders and other temporary motions, affidavits, and orders.

* Draft protective orders, including non-contact, anti-stalking, and restraining.

* Assist client with compiling expert adult abuse petition; arrange for service; arrange docket hearing date; prepare client and file for hearing.

* Act as a witness to the removal of personal property from marital home; prepare inventory, if necessary.

* As necessary and appropriate, arrange for private investigators; request and review written report.

* Draft motion to schedule court hearing.

* Assist in settlement negotiations, including preparing analyses of assets, summaries of major issues and drafts of settlement proposals.

* Draft proposed stipulations.

* As necessary and appropriate, arrange for appraisals of real property and personal property.

* Draft property settlement agreement.

* Draft decree of dissolution, accompanying motions, and affidavits.

* Draft petition for adoption, consent for adoption, decree of adoption.

* Draft petition for name change.

* Draft pendente lite motions.

* Prepare file and client for pendente lite hearing.

* Draft notice of compliance with applicable pre-trial order.

* Prepare for trial, including reviewing file for problems and drafting amended pleadings if necessary.

* Draft proposed final order of divorce.

* Prepare attorney's fee exhibit and supporting documentation with estimated total cost through end of hearing.

* Testify about discovery or summary evidence.

* Investigate witnesses identified by opposing counsel.

* Coordinate post-hearing follow-up and inform attorney of any non-compliance.

* Draft quit claim deeds or other documents for transfer of property ownership.

* Assist in real estate closing.

* Draft necessary garnishments, writs of execution, or wage assignments.

* Monitor and ensure that all money judgments are timely paid and that partial or full satisfaction of judgments are drafted and filed.

* Draft motion for contempt or show cause orders.

* Draft motion and affidavit for modification of previous court orders concerning child support and visitation as well as retraining orders.

Note - Some of the information contained in the Litigation, Probate/Estate Planning and Real Estate sections of this publication also includes work performed in the Domestic Relations/Family specialty area.

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